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Our experienced crew performs all lateral and sewer inspections in the Los Angeles, Orange County, Riverside areas with regularity. 411 Sewer Line Expert helps you get your home properly inspected so that you can get to the settlement table on time. After the sewer, trap and lateral inspection has been completed and diagnosed we will issue a full, very detailed report of type of piping, condition, cracks, breaks, roots and obstructions. If there is evidence of breakage that would cause a failing of the system and the inspection we will provide a full solution for repair or replacement included in the inspection.


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A sewer lateral is the pipe that runs from a business or your home’s plumbing system and connects to the city or town’s sewer line. Cities considers the sewer lateral (side-sewer) to be the property and responsibility of the homeowner or business owner. Unfortunately, the privately-owned underground section of a lateral is often forgotten until a problem erupts — such as raw sewage backing up into a dwelling. Call 411 Sewer Line Expert to arrange a no hassle video inspection of your lateral and sewer line today!

Our Licenses and Certificates

Homeowners choose to get their sewer line inspected by the 411 Sewer Line Expert for various reasons. We provide our clients with a number of significant competitive advantages. Our top benefits include:

    • A sewer video inspection allows homeowners to avoid costly repairs. The reality is, pipes wear out over the time. Pipes can be also damaged by the growing roots. That’s why a sewer line requires the regular attention. The sooner you identify the problems with a sewer line and fix them – the better!
    • Inspections help prevent emergency situations. A sewer line may have hidden problems. You’ll be able to identify these problems if you choose to get a sewer line inspection. During an inspection, all these hidden issues are identified. Finally, you need to take all the necessary actions and fix the problems.
    • It’s also important to note that the 411 Sewer Line Expert is a professional team of sewer line inspectors. Our professionals have all the necessary knowledge, experience as well as skills to conduct sewer line inspections.
    • At 411 Sewer Line Expert, we have the modern camera for pipes inspection and other necessary equipment to conduct inspections. Experts use the most innovative diagnostic equipment that allows them to achieve the best possible results in their work.
    • If any problems are found during an inspection, our experts would be happy to help you with repairs and replacements as well.
    • At 411 Sewer Line Expert, we aim to provide our clients with cost-effective solutions for all their needs.
    • We provide our customers with cost estimates. So, you’ll know the sewer line inspection cost in advance.

Is a sewer inspection necessary? A lot of homeowners want to get the answer to this question today. Of course, it’s necessary. You have to conduct an inspection once per year if your sewer line is less than 10 years old or once every six months if sewer line is older than 10 years.